by jon timm

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pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon or the Moon rabbit, and hearing hidden messages on records played in reverse. jon timm captures his impulsive reactions into loops and made some songs for you! enjoy!


released September 1, 2009

produced by jon timm
mastered by chris munson



all rights reserved


Jon Timm Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: mOtion sensor****
report back to my cave.
Track Name: dreamz +++
believe me when i tell that i,
believe me when i tell you that i dream.
i know you can hear me,
underneath the water,
when i wake up my mind going
i'm stuck inside the dream world
but i'm still awake feeling fine
my mind is stuck inbetween,
it's sometimes kind, sometimes not kind
depending on what i ate or did last night.
but i keeps me looking internally,
keeps me falling back into my head.
can't remember what you said,
it's all warped and sometimes not nice or kind.
and the loop it always keeps on, shattering my head
shatters my head, the loop it shatters my head
hold on, to that microphone.
from the top of the latter i see
all the people working in the village
some people carving out canoes
other people helping each other.
Track Name: $cORPIAN TAIL __--__--__
too much time spent in between,
fortress you might as well be extinguishing
for you might as well,
you heart is the creepiest thing, i've ever seen
i think my scorpion tail, has something to say, ah!
you might as well, come back to my crypt with me,
fortress smiling and it's always so scary, and damp in here.
ah! your soul can't explain what it's looking at,
because it can't see a reflection, that's part of your imagination.
i'm turning into such an anti-social monster.
Track Name: themagicSnap*:p
take it back on the station
be on your own, take a ride on vacation honey
take it right from your soul
living down in the basement
i can feel you coming around
i can't help but return to the place where i know my brain is from.
you stay on your vacation, i'm tied to your heart
take a ride on my air plane nation;
take it right from the stars
what' you gonna do baby?
when you see me comin' round?
i'm on the last dime of the summer and i'll lower the sun
you stay on your vacation, i'm tied to your heart
take a ride on my air plane nation, take it right from the stars
what' you gonna do baby?
when you see me comin' round?
i'm on the last dime of the summer and i'll lower the sun
Track Name: glowing patterns haunt me
keep me safe at night alright!
glowing patterns haunt me...
i know it's safe to say, glowing patterns haunt me
dividing up ancient creatures
save my tales for the end of story time.

save my tales for the end of story time
cast my sails so my brain can catch the wave.
Track Name: gave birth to a leMUR...
towel cap soda fountain, in the rain
cupping all the problems
we can't resemble towns
gave birth to a lemur, man you should have seen her,
stricken with emotion, hyperbolic non-sense, check it out
ficus at the lamp shade, end table rapture,
focus on the warm hold,
corner eyes have skipped a cornea
in the backwoods time slips away
adjustments to the unknown feed me,
ventricles must line the inners of my soul
you must be the one trying to defeat me!
falling down the same corridors, set up for your stories.
Track Name: GO! animals GO! plants
go animals! go plants!;
Track Name: (in the background)
he's in the background of every picture of my life,
i can see you, i can't believe i didn't notice it before.
Track Name: penelope cAme to visit me
penelope...penelope...penelope... oooohhhhh
Track Name: dRawing sNails )()()()()))
when i get the urge to draw,
i grab a pen!
better start with the eyes
i see them!
coming up from the earth
try to give a little push
drinking coffee!
our time has arrived
in side!
the narwhal gazing at me
the humming bird with bug wings
are the things i can relate to this strange?
i've come to see the paths that twinkle bright.
apparitions having visions using dreams to help connect
the puzzle pieces that point to an obvious conclusion in you.
causes your brain the fluctuate your heart inside.
i can never resist the urge to focus on the time we had
in bright columns my travels leave me sleepy constantly exploring,
i see them!
i grab a pen!
this strange nocturnally!
Track Name: blue - spider $$$$$
the blue spider sitting at the hotsprings
opens up my dreams, floating in the warm water
so tiny...

i know it's always the same, tumbling backwards
unlike anything you've ever seen
tumbling backwards in an entity unlike oooh!
i remember everything you say, under every other single mountain